Sam Oldfield

Samantha Oldfield • North East

Samantha is Clinical Manager for the North East 111 service. She is a registered general nurse, having previously worked as an advisor for the 111 service and with the GP out-of-hours telephone triage service.

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Rachael Taylor

Rachael manages all clinical aspects of urgent care centres and the GP out-of-hours service in the North East. She is a qualified nurse, having previously been Clinical Lead at HMPS for 11 years.

Shaun Crinion

Shaun Crinion • VRCA

Shaun is a Paramedic and has worked in NHS 111 since 2012 after training with LAS in Beckenham. He now oversees the team of clinicians working remotely, VRCA, providing support to 111 in the regions.

Tony Perkins

Tony Perkins • North East

A Registered Nurse for nearly 30 years, 5 of which in 111, Tony works alongside Sam Oldfield to deliver the 111 Service in the North East. He has experience in teaching student and qualified nurses. Tony has clinical experience of acute medicine, stroke, long-term illness management as well as finance and medical device procurement.

Jacqui McLoughlin

Jacqui McLoughlin • North East

Jacqui is the Clinical Service Manager for Sunderland. She is a registered general nurse and an Advanced Nurse Practitioner. She also has a degree in Psychology, a Diploma in Addiction Studies and a Level 7 Diploma in Management and Leadership. She has previous experience in Managing an Addiction Service. She has recently been appointed as a Specialised Advisor for CQC.

Angela Frankish

Angela Frankish • Yorkshire

Angela is Clinical Support Manager for YDUC. She is a registered nurse, as well as having a post graduate diploma in management. Angela was previously Clinical Services Manager at a GP out-of-hours provider and held the same role at a private hospital, where she was responsible for clinical governance, clinical service delivery (including medicines management), patient safety and health and safety.

Helen Poole

Helen Poole • Staffordshire

Helen helps to deliver service improvement initiatives within the 111 service, GP out-of-hours and urgent care services in the Staffordshire area. She works closely with other local health care providers to shape future care pathways for patients within the urgent care system. Helen is a qualified nurse, having previously been a Clinical Advisor at Vocare and a Nurse Advisor at NHS Direct.