Vocare - Leicestershire and Rutland region

East Midlands

In April 2015, Vocare began managing a new urgent care service covering the east of the county and Rutland.

The service allows minor injuries and illnesses to be treated locally – either in GP surgeries or urgent care centres. It aims to reduce the time it takes for patients to be seen and treated.

Vocare delivers urgent care for minor injuries and illnesses from 34 GP practices across the region and urgent care centres in Oadby, Oakham, Market Harborough and Melton Mowbray.

Introducing our team

Rachael Page - Regional Director

Rachael is Regional Director of East Midlands. Her previous roles within the company have included Head of Integration and Head of Mobilisation. She has a Masters degree in Landscape Archaeology and Geographical Information Systems.

Rachael Taylor - Assistant Regional Director

Rachael manages all clinical aspects of urgent care centres and the GP out-of-hours service in the North East. She is a qualified nurse, having previously been Clinical Lead at HMPS for 11 years.

Jim Heptinstall - Local Clinical Director

Jim is the LCD for East Leicestershire & Rutland Urgent Care. Within the service he supports GPs to provide the highest quality of care. He is also a practicing GP.

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