4 Herein we detail our achievements, strategies and plans related to quality improvement, patient safety and experience and clinical effectiveness. Our aim for this report is to create a window into Vocare that enables members of the public, as well as NHS and healthcare professionals, to have the information they need to hold us to account for the quality of the services we provide, and to see how we are meeting the standards expected by the Care Quality Commission. Beyond our 2015/16 year-end, the company’s focus continues to be on providing high quality, clinically-led healthcare services. An important aspect of this is improving access to, and raising awareness of, urgent healthcare services. This includes educating patients on the right service and level of care for their needs. This year we have also helped to remove a major barrier to more GPs working for out-of-hours providers. Currently it can cost GPs as much as £30,000 per year in additional insurance premiums if they wish to work out of hours. This significant additional cost is leading to a chronic shortage of GPs in out-of-hours services. Our landmark arrangement with insurance brokerage firm Locktons means GPs working out-of-hours for us no longer pay a premium on their own indemnity insurance. While Vocare will now cover the indemnity of GPs on our books, it is at a vastly reduced cost. This move, along with our continued efforts to develop GP triage, is attracting more GPs to work in out-of- hours services, which is great news for patients around the country. It will also aid our own growth, which, by 2017, is likely to see us become a £73m-a-year turnover business. In the meantime, as we strive for a greater national presence, we aim to maintain a flourishing relationship with the NHS that puts the needs of patients and the public first. John Harrison - Chief Executive Innovative, high quality, clinically led health care services for patients, commissioners and NHS Trusts nationwide