19 The headline incentive among several contractual changes is our commitment to cover the cost of each GP’s medical indemnity. While this move will require heavy investment from Vocare in the future, we believe its effectiveness in increasing recruitment and retention rates will be invaluable. The result will be that patients within our network will have access to the very best GPs in their area. Other developments in the pipeline aimed at improving patient satisfaction include the increased use of video technology to assess and diagnose conditions. We are currently testing the technology on a small scale with patients and expect to roll it out more widely across the group in 2016/17. If successful, it will enable patients, as well as GPs, to cut down on travel time and costs for consultations, while improving our overall efficiencies. We will only offer the technology to patients as an option rather than a compulsory measure. We fully appreciate the importance - and will continue to offer - face-to-face consultations at all Vocare service locations. Video technology is also increasingly being used between professionals within the group and we would expect this trend to grow in the year ahead. Other patient experience indicators As part of all the NHS 111 services we deliver we are contracted to undertake rolling six monthly telephone audits of patients’ satisfaction with the service. This is reported to NHS England in September and March. In this there is evidence of an overwhelming satisfaction with the NHS 111 service and a demonstrable avoidance of attendance at A&E. These results are available on our websites. Patients and their carers are encouraged to provide their opinions about the service. Each service has a website with a clearly-indicated feedback function. All comments, compliments and complaints are entered and collated by the governance team using this facility. This service can also be accessed via an email, letter or call to the local engagement and governance department. A bespoke pictorial complaints leaflet, available in each area and in poster form, has also been developed so that individuals fully understand the complaints process. The organisation disseminates questionnaires in our urgent and primary care centres. These demonstrate that patients are confident in using our services and value the care, advice and treatment provided. We also operate - and are fully compliant with - the national Friends and Family Survey. Vocare has worked assiduously over the years to develop integrated working with our co-providers, whether these are in or out-of-hours. We have regular representation at joint governance meetings with ambulance services, the Police, specialist groups such as those dealing with end of life care, palliative care, community nursing services, mental health services, specialist commissioning groups and secondary care providers and local hospital trusts.