18 Patient experience We recognise the value of patient involvement in the development of our services in driving continual improvement. We have extensive patient satisfaction feedback channels in place. Our strong performance in this area in the last 12 months can in part be attributed to the developmental activities already set out in this report. Vocare’s integrated approach with our co-providers is directly linked to a positive patient experience. We have regular representation at joint governance meetings with ambulance services, the police and specialist groups. This co-working across patient pathways allows for smoother patient journeys and better outcomes. Another contributing factor is our regionalised, rather than centralised, model. As an organisation that has expanded rapidly from our North East of England base in recent years, we have entered a number of new areas of the country in a short space of time. Our task in the last year has been to ensure we offer a consistently high standard of service across the UK regions in which we operate. To do this, we have implemented a regionalised approach, enabling us to adapt to the notable differences between each area. This process will be ongoing in the year ahead as we continue to spread our reach across the country. We have installed regional management teams into each area, comprising reputable professionals who are knowledgeable about the unique set of healthcare- related challenges faced in their region. While we still maintain our universal values and philosophy across the group, this regionalised structure enables us to deliver the best possible patient experience in each area. As mentioned previously in this report, a major hindrance to patient experience in the healthcare sector currently is a national shortage of good GPs. As well as boosting the number of GPs on our books through the launch of our triage service, we are also introducing incentives to encourage the best GP talent to join us in each region. Caring for over nine million patients nationwide