17 This system, which we will continue to develop , allows us to analyse statistical data to assess our network of service providers. As well as looking at call or visit volumes, we can also look at the outcomes and identify variation in key metrics, such as the rate of hospital admissions. Crucially, all of this data is fed back to GPs supportively and constructively with patient safety and clinical effectiveness our key focus. In the years ahead we will develop a data warehouse containing detailed information for each individual clinician, so that they can review a portfolio of their own activity, prescriptions, and clinical audit results. Our nurses and non-clinical call advisers continue to be audited as part of our rolling programme of continual improvement. We review our policies and standard operating procedures at least twice yearly. All documentation is shared on the organisation’s intranet which is available to all staff. All policies and standard operating procedures were updated in February 2016 as part of our two yearly cycle in line with our ISO 90001 compliance.