16 Clinical effectiveness The last 12 months have seen further growth and diversification at Vocare, which has strengthened our position in the market and generated greater resources to support our clinical effectiveness. We have also been able to mitigate the impact of a number of external challenges facing the healthcare sector, without compromising our high standards of service delivery. One such challenge is the worsening shortage of GPs, amid increased retirement rates and fewer young people entering the sector. Our indemnity deal with the world’s largest privately owned independent insurance brokerage firm, Locktons, has had a hugely positive impact on our ability to recruit GPs for out-of- hours services. Over the last year we have also successfully recruited, trained and assessed 62 GPs to carry out triage work from home. Through a comprehensive approach that includes Skype interviews, video inductions, and online presentations, we have created a network of trusted professionals which is readily available to respond to fluctuations in demand. As our network of doctors grows, we are also investing in enhancing our GP auditing and assessment processes. We already have in place a rolling peer review of telephone triage calls to assess the quality and appropriateness of individual calls. Every professional has four calls monitored per month, which are assessed on a range of quality indicators. This provides us with the qualitative data needed to maintain the highest standards of clinical effectiveness. We have also developed a notes review tool which is similarly audited by a local team of practicing Vocare GPs. Safe, efficient services in local communities