14 Our SPR enables the sharing of information on patients who require specific clinical care or care management out-of-hours, when the usual pathways of care may not be as accessible. It records and utilises this very specific information from GP practices and other health or social care providers at any time. All entries to the register are compliant with confidentiality and data protection and no information is shared or disclosed to third parties. It is the responsibility of the GP practice to gain the patient consent, where possible, to share this information and update the system with changes in the patients’ care plan. Vocare is aware of the issues surrounding information security, especially in terms of the safe transmission of patient identifiable data. We have therefore arranged for each practice to manage its own patients’ details on the SPR. This allows each practice to include salient information in a timely manner and eliminates the problems caused when staff struggle to decipher handwriting. We currently hold around 100,000 special patient records and - through the application of the SPR - we now positively tailor our care for patients receiving palliative care and those suffering with long-term conditions. This has enabled us to prevent patients from needlessly being admitted to hospital and to proactively assist those patients with mental health conditions. Over the next 12 months we will streamline the SPR system, having developed a new web portal. This will enable practices to gain patient consent, simply and safely enter patient details, and be confident that if the patient should contact Vocare via any of its services, those notes will be available for the Vocare GP to view. The new system is designed to be easy to use and quick to access for GPs and has been shaped by extensive feedback from our network of health professionals. We annually complete the Information Governance Statement of Compliance and are level two compliant. We have also gained compliance with the Information Governance quality standard, ISO 27001, for the past three years. In line with our commitment to being a learning organisation, recently our Deputy Organisational Medical Director presented a multi-disciplinary, internal and external ‘look back and learn’ event relating to cases of sepsis in children. As part of the learning, a number of work streams were developed under the banner of a ‘Red Flags Programme.’ This programme will allow us to share learning and disseminate specific information to parents and fellow professionals. With the move to a regional structure, the organisation has developed an Assurance Department which has overarching responsibility for organisational compliance with bodies such as the Information Commissioners’ Office, the Care Quality Commission and the Home Office. It is also responsible for undertaking audits across Vocare applying an audit schedule based on the outcomes established by the Care Quality Commission and also in reference to our seven ISO standards.