Andy Gregory

Andy Gregory • Managing Director

Andy was appointed as Managing Director of Vocare in December 2017.
(Full bio coming soon)

Dr Michael Harrison

Dr Michael Harrison • Organisational Medical Director

Mike was one of the founders of NDUC and a member of the early Co-operative. He is also a GP partner in Bedlington Station, Northumberland.

Barry Cooper

Barry Cooper • Operations Director

Barry is Operations Director at Vocare, having joined the company in May 2010. He has previously worked in a number of contact centres in a variety of different industries, including financial telecoms, retail and insurance.

Carl Moffett

Carl Moffett • Commercial Director

Carl joined the business in October 2014 as Commercial Director. He has led the Finance, Commercial, HR, IT and Business analyst teams and his prime focus has been developing and preparing the business for growth. Carl qualified as a Chartered Accountant in 1998 with PriceWaterhouseCoopers and has previously held Directorships at Ringtons Holdings Ltd, Peter Vardy Ltd and Tharsus Vision Ltd.

Heather Maughan

Heather Maughan • Director of Quality and Nursing

Heather acts as the senior nurse for Vocare, leading the development of the nursing and non-medical professional workforce. Her main focus is service development, providing both clinical leadership for the mobilisation of new services and working with stakeholders on the development of existing services. Heather is a qualified nurse and health visitor, with advanced nurse practitioner skills.

Dr Alan Maguire

Dr Alan Maguire • Deputy Organisational Medical Director

Alan joined the business in 2008 and has worked as a Local Clinical Director in the North East before being appointed as Deputy Organisational Medical Director in early 2015.

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Ed Dodds • Finance Director

Ed joined the business in June 2017 as Finance Director. Ed is a qualified Chartered Accountant and Certified Internal Auditor and has previously held senior finance positions with Deloitte, the Navy Army Air Force Institutes (NAAFI) and the Working Links group.

Rachael Page

Rachael Page • Assistant Director of Operations

Rachael is Assistant Director of Operations across the Vocare Group. Her previous roles within the company have included Head of Integration and Head of Mobilisation. She has a Masters degree in Landscape Archaeology and Geographical Information Systems.